About Us

Our names are Anne Ognenis and Tania Bogdanov. We are sisters and between us we are mums to 6 energetic young children. We have a passion for cooking food, a passion for eating food and a passion for our families.

Food is a big part of our families and our kitchens are the hub of our homes. Everyone gravitates around it, especially the kids.  With the kids hanging around they often help out with the cooking with a quick mix here and there, rolling out pasta sheets or licking the bowl from the chocolate cake. These are all fantastic memories that they will remember and cherish.

Family cooking time is great when it happens but sometimes life gets in the way and it doesn’t always happen as often as we want it to. We are regularly dropping off or picking up kids with their after school commitments, running home late from work, kids are unwell and the list goes on. We do find ourselves rushing around and just not having enough time to spend in the kitchen with our cherubs.  We know this is something that affects most people and so sparked the idea of our cooking classes and bought about our venture – Jr Chefs!

With Jr Chefs we believe all kids should have the opportunity to dabble in the kitchen. Whether it be something easy or something fancy, all cooking should be fun, interactive and provide a positive memorable experience.  We believe that cooking from scratch with whole foods is a vital skill that will stay with them and last a lifetime. A great way to educate and build self-confidence, use their imagination and improve fine motor skills. The warmth and bonding they get from being with family in the kitchen along with the sensory experience of smelling something delicious cooking or baking stays with them forever and will give them a warm fuzzy feeling when they look back on those memories.  Something that isn’t to be underestimated.

We would love to have your children be part of it, to mix, to knead, to chop and to help create the start of a passionate cooking journey for them or to enhance a passion for cooking they already have.

                                                With love

                          Anne Ognenis & Tania Bogdanov